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Manufacturing process phases

1. The idea

The cornerstone of our activity. Ideas can arise everywhere at any time and we always let it flow, free to fly like a balloon a child let slip from his hands.Every product by Artinviaggio – Italian Creations starts with an idea.

2. The project

In this phase, every single idea is developed by ourselves, with the consultation by expert illustrators, to turn it into a concrete project, ready to be realized. In this phase, Devis’ experience is fundamental to determine thickness, tolerance and dimension, so crucial for the next step of the manufacturing process.

3. The cut

Innovation and tradition. It’s time to merge these philosophies together to turn an Artinviaggio project into a finished product. The new laser technology makes the tiny details following to the letter the instructions included in the original project, turning the original rough metal sheet into an unmistakable skyline. The most important monuments’ shapes, curves and lines, which has always reminded us to the most famous cities in the world, are now real to the touch and sight.

4. Handcrafted realization

A laser machine is perfectly able to create a complete piece on its own. But this wasn’t our intention. We wanted to maintain a handcrafted dimension, we wanted to sell you a unique piece, not a mass production.Artinviaggio wants to keep the spirit of what we’ve been doing for more than 20 years: blacksmiths and iron craftsmen. So we strongly demanded to keep this last phase as completely handcrafted, where the blacksmith welds each knob one by one to prepare each item for the finishing (handcrafted as well).

5. The grinding process

Sparks and grinder, with the skills of our expert metal worker. This is how our items gain their unique decoration. This is an exclusively handcrafted process, noisy, practical but so magical for our products! Each one of them is refined with unique shades – resulted by flap discs – that give the original metal sheet, at this point deprived of its rough part, that silver coloured aspect.These shades, because of the handcrafted decoration and the physical characteristics of each metal sheet, will always be slightly different from piece to piece. So, even maintaining the same working process and result, every Artinviaggio product is a one-of-a-kind item.

5. The finishing

Every item by Artinviaggio is treated, in this final step, with a specific transparent finishing to avoid any possibility of rust corrosion and make them smooth to the touch and even brighter.Every item can by cleaned with common household products. They are not vulnerable to rust and they won’t get your clothes dirty.

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