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Original interior design iron items, completely designed and crafted in Italy.
Each item represents a monument or the entire skyline of a famous city or world capital city.




Unique items





How we work to get a unique product

The Idea

The cornerstone of our activity. Ideas can arise everywhere at any time and we always let it flow, free to fly like a balloon a child let slip from his hands. Every product by Artinviaggio
Italian Creations starts with an idea.


We care about maintaining a handcrafted dimension! Creating unique pieces, instead of a mass production. Artinviaggio wants to keep the spirit of what we’ve been doing for more than 20 years: blacksmiths and iron craftsmen. The blacksmith welds each knob one by one to prepare each item for the finishing.

The finishing

Every item by Artinviaggio is treated, in this final step, with a specific transparent finishing to avoid any possibility of rust corrosion and make them smooth to the touch and even brighter. Every item can be cleaned by common household products. They are not vulnerable to rust and they won’t get your clothes dirty.

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